Tuesday, 27 October 2009

After looking at many websites for inspiration, the one I thought stood out the most was the 'Christian Laboutin' website. I liked how it was so interactive and fun and how it didnt relate to his designs much but still worked. This is why I originally decided to do the magic theme. I really liked the idea at first and aimed to add animations like the Laboutin website. However, after I had done the homapage and portfolio page I lost inspiration and didn't know how I could carry on with the magic theme without it looking too cheesy and unprofessional and so I decided to go for one of my original designs which was more generic. If I had more time I would have definately carried on with the magic theme but felt that I needed to concentrate more on the actual function of the website as opposed to the way it looked. At first I found the software 'fireworks' and 'dreamweaver' hard to use but have am familiar with them now. Seeing as I have more time to edit my website, I may continue looking at the magic show theme but it depends on my other ongoing projects...overall I like the design that I chose to work with in the end even thought it is not as fun as the magic theme!

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