Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Response to comments made by tutors

After hearing the feedback about my website by the tutors, I can see that some of the pages of my website, especially the Portfolio page, are very crowded and don't show my personality. I didn't really realise before how crowded that page actually was and will definately change it now although I do still like the homepage and about me page which are also quite full. Also, the writing at the top of each page is very large and so takes the focus away from my work but when designing the website I thought it looked good. I think the writing does look good on the New Projects page, Contacts page, A level work and First year work pages because it looks quite minimalistic and the header gives the page character and contraqsts with the white backgrounds of the pages. I will definately change the portfolio page and maybe how I could make the homepage and about me pages less crowded. I do still like my design but prefer my first idea of the magic show. However, I know that if I had stuck with the magic show design I probably would not have had time to do all of the disjointed rollovers and links which is a more important factor when looking at websites.

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